Top & Most Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria As An Artist (2022)

Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria As An Artist

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How To Promote Music As An Artist 2022

Are You An Artist ? Are you seeking information on how to promote your music in Nigeria? You can be rest assured that this article would give you a first hand knowledge on ways to promote your music in Nigeria. First, it is important to know what music entails.

Identify Your Genre Of Music

Music basically is a combination of sounds, which the composer hopes will steal his audience attention and please the audience. It is important to note that there are some genres of Music that are popular in Nigeria which are :


  1. Afrobeat
  2. Fuji music
  3. Refix
  4. Hip Hop
  5. Wobe Sound

As an artist, before promoting your music, you should be able to identify the genre of music yours falls into, this is because the used to promote the Afrobeat is quite different from the fuji music and vice versa.

The Importance Of Promoting Your Music

Many often ask if promoting music is important, my dear Artists, It is very important to promote your music, basic reason being that today in Nigeria, we have alot of competition in the Music industry. If you do not promote your music properly as an Artist, even if you can sing more than , , , , or , you might not get the proper audience you need to “blow” which is the aim of every Nigerian artist.

How Much Does It Cost to Promote Music In Nigeria 2022

The cost to promote songs in Nigeria varies from as low as N3,000 – N30,000 and to infinity depending on the bloggers you approach and the popularity of the blogs.

Offers a better packages of that are affordable for every artist and most of the packages are negotiatable. We Are Lover Of Good Music and We Love Supporting

There is no precise cost price to promote your music in Nigeria as most bloggers love to help artist push their goals.

Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria As An Artist 2022

Ways To Promote My Music As An Artist

Now, you know the importance of promoting your music, the way you promote your music is very important and essential to the progress of your musically career. Here are top 10 ways to promote your music as a Nigerian Artist.

1. Let Your Music Do The Talking

As a way of promoting your music, it is very essential to write and record good and quality music. Your music has a way of representing you. This might not be very easy for some because it is quite expensive to record quality music. Good music is key in promoting your record, let your music do the talking, this implies that sometimes you really do not have to convince people but your music will.

2. Engage Your Website Regularly

One problem with many upcoming Artists in Nigeria that they do not know how to properly engage their website from time to time and your fans eventually get to think you have nothing else to offer. Many artist would love to upload only which is not a better way of and engagement.

3. Engage Your Social Media Platform And Pages Properly

The way you engages your social media pages is very important, you do not have to be rude to your fans, it is okay for some to criticise you and all of that. Just keep pushing. ’t be arrogant, Avoid being a snub as well as this is very appalling to Nigerians. Again, post things from time to time. Some very popular social media sites you can engage in are: Twitter, instagram, facebook.

Being Rude is always exist is some fast rising artist, like me as a blogger, i love to message some artist which i discover maybe from a friend or from a fan, doing this for the culture and God and to help them push their music more, most of them would be like “Am The One And So ?“. That attitude got me laugh sometimes because nobody know his or her helper then as a blogger with reputation to save, i locked up

4. Appreciate Your Fans:


This may sound pretty funny but today in Nigeria, one thing Nigerians look out for is “Giveaways & Challenge“. You can carry out a research on this if you want. The language people understand these days is giveaway! You’d be surprised how much your fan base would grow within a very short period. You do not always need a bulk of money to do this. Giveaways can come in various forms and its up to you to decide how you want it.

5. Book Radio Stations Sessions

One of the biggest ways by which your music can be heard by a huge population is through radio stations. It might not be very easy for an upcoming artist but it is noteworthy and commands a lot of audience.

6. Promoting Your Music Through Websites & Blogs

This is the most common method in and other areas of the world. Thankfully, we have numerous websites and blogs one can promote one’s music through today.

Also offers a better wide ranges and also depending on your capacity as we have no much fixed amount in most of our promotional packages. We do not guarantee this would not change soon but we are here to support humanity

7. Pay For Proper Advertising

You can as well pay for proper advertising to promote and market your music. Advertising often appears on websites that relate with your ads’ texts globally.

offers music advertisments apart from promotions whereby music will be added to Monthly Mixtape, Music Of The Week, Editor Music Picks and we also offers Stacked Music Advert whereby we put your music in our footer page and stack it there. Everyone will be able to see it whenever they navigate to any pages of the site.

8. Make Use Of E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is a way of sending a commercial message, stereotypically to a group of people, using email. This way, one can also reach out to a lot of people, You can get a landing page whereby you will add all emails to it database, then any message sent through the landing page will be sent to all email added to the database

. Attend Shows Regularly

This is an important aspect of promoting your music, as an artist, you will need to attend shows regularly as it also creates room to reach out to a wide range of people. It doesn’t mean whether they are not paying you in the show or whatever, you will always get you fans out through the movement.

10. Do Collaboration With Other Artists

This is one of the best ways to promote your music as an artist. It is important to note that if you’re an upcoming artist, you need to do a collaboration with an artist that is popular at least to as extent. It is a waste most times for upcoming artist to collaborate with another upcoming artist. More importantly, collaborate with good sound and music.


It is not mandatory to do all, if you do not have enough money to do all, do the ones you can and your efforts will be crowned. I honestly hope this helps you while promoting your music. More importantly, keep pushing. Cheers!

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