Lady Lands in Beautiful Relationship After Shooting Shot at Man She Admired Online

Lady Lands in Beautiful After Shooting Shot at Man She Admired Online





A South African lady has found love after making the bold move on Twitter.


Mazeni shared her story via the ‘How It Started Vs How It’s Going’ trend. She went ahead show her followers how it’s going so far, after she met her current boyfriend during an online interaction.


The man who is now her boyfriend had posted a photo of a wine in October 2020, and said he likes it.


In response, the lady, Mazeni quoted his tweet and replied his post by shooting her shot.


He had tweeted;


“Tasted this wine at Spur and I never looked back.”


But the young lady replied, tweeting;


“I also want to taste you and never look back.”


She however, has now posted a photo of them together as a couple now, and they looked cute in the photo.


See her post below:


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