How To Upload Music With Mp3 Tag On Naijatopmost

Welcome to this page dear user, officially i want to teach you how to upload and post music on and other entertainment site offering the same service as mine also. We are going to converse on How To Upload Music With Mp3 Tag Script Uploader. Officially music uploader is now located at so let’s start with the steps.

1. Navigate To on another tab on your browser, then you will see something like this appearing on your browser.

mp3 taggger script for wordpress

2. Seeing this, means you are at the right place for you to do your task. Now let quickly cover How the mp3 tagger uploader for wordpress works to upload music. Now move to the first input area which is the Link then input the music link you copied from the site, it must end with .mp3, you can see it in the screenshot below which was labelled as 1.

3. Now Move to the place where the Artiste was added and input the singer of the music you copied. Mind if it was two artists that sing the music, you can add it as Artist Name 1 x Artist Name 2 or Artist Name 1 ft Artist Name 2. You Can see the part labelled 2 at the below screenshot.

4. Now navigate to the Title space and input the music title there just like this if the music title is ori just input Ori only. You can see the part labelled 3 in below screenshots.

how to upload music with mp3 tagger for wordpress

Please Note the part labelled 4 is not compolusory for you to input as you can see i don’t put any text there.

Now navigate to the Upload button at the botton which i marked with yellow colour, and click on it. Wait for it to load, It will bring you a link as shown in screenshot below.

how to upload music with mp3 tag

Just Copy the link link and paste in the mp3 text writter. I will show you how where to add the link in the mp3 text writter by adegold opsix technologies. Thanks For Reading

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