How To Push Your Music To Lime Light As An Artist (2022)

How To Let Olamide Hear My Music As An Artist

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How to push my music to limelight for olamide,  wizkid and burna boy


Is offering some advice to Artist who wish to promote their art or music but dont have the resources to do so, so I would be giving you guys some tips to promote your art with little or no budget

The Nigerian music industry is becoming more competitive day by day, upcoming artist are trying to be heard and most of them have spent over a fortune and still haven’t get the desired attention they need.


With a good guidance and knowledge of “How To Be Heard” in the Nigerian music industry, some other upcoming artist have been able to use their budget very well in creating a niche for theirself, meanwhile other Upcoming Artist Rely soley on their talent waiting on one record label to come and sign them without even putting work and investing in their art.

The truth is, no body would want to sign an artist who haven’t invested in his/her self yet.

How To Promote Your Music In Nigeria With Little Or No Budget

1. You Need To Start Building Your Social Media Presence

Create a facebook fan page invite friends to like it, post only unique and worthy content about your art only, share you event dates, post short freestyle video, just make sure the page is active

Also create social media handles for twitter and Instagram,

In other to get a good number of followers on your Instagram and twitter you need to post rich content, when I mean rich content, you need to post quality video and pictures about your art, if you are a good vocalist or rapper, u could do freestyle videos and post it for your followers,

As an upcoming artist you can follow people so they could follow you, you can even beg people to follow you. You need fans to view and share your art.

Thank God For sponsored post ad campaigns on facebook and instagram, you could trend any of your post on facebook and instagram depending on your budget.

2. Create A Bonding With Bloggers, Aops, Event Planners, MCs, Dj, Producers, And Other People That Could Help Push Your Career To The Next Level.


As An artist, you know what you want, at this upcoming stage, you need to create a good rapport with people that matters, the good news is that when you need their assistance or help, they could do it for you for free or even less than their standard price. You would be favored by this people according to your with them. So building are good matters.

3. Seize Your Moment, Attend Shows And Gigs Even If You Are Not Going To Be Paid – Free, Lobby For Performance

Yes, as an upcoming Artist, you need audience, forget about the money yet, focus on building your fan base, they are the money, perform for free, beg for shows, seize your moment, prove to people that you are good. While performing you would meet new people who would also like to sponsor you art because of how good you are and also new fans.

Forget about the crowd, you ’t need to perform in a stadium full of thousands of people, even in a room of 2- 10 people, still give your best performance you never know who is watching…

4. Tell People Of What You Do, Both Online And Offline

As an artist, you need to make friends, meet people, let them know of what you can do and always use any opportunity you get to share your music with them, if you are good, those people would follow you up on your social media handles, and you are on your way to stardom. You need fans, a digital fan base is an asset. Also make sure you win the heart of people.

5. Support Other Upcoming Artist In The Best Way You Can

Yes, love your others as you love yourself, support other people too, help Promote them. Infact invest your cash and time on other artist, its a seed. I know you would want others to do that to you too. You have to build that love between you guys, u ’t know who might blow first…

PS: You Need Money Or A sponsor to further Promote Your art to all corners of Nigeria. I would make a post about that later, the budgeted plan and cost to make a song trend in Nigeria for months..

Meanwhile for your promotional Services, artist management, and advice you can contact me on

Call: 07043548932
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