Drama As Queen And Maria Clash Over Pere

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Drama As Queen And Maria Clash Over Pere





Queen, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, had a clash with the Deputy Head of House, Maria, over Pere.

The argument on Tuesday night where Queen got angry at how Maria reacted about her knowing Pere.

Queen confronted Maria to state that she didn’t like how Maria talked about her.

She told Maria, “I have two things bothering me. One is with you and the other is with the rest of the housemates.

“While they were introducing Pere and someone said he was strategic, I was like ‘It’s true, it’s true’ but you said, ‘This one is saying ‘true” and you made it look like I didn’t know Pere.”


The Head of House, Pere, came to meet the two of them and tried to know what was going on.

Maria said, “I said it’s only two days and you’re acting like you already know Pere. And I’m not having a conversation with you.” Then Maria walked away.

Queen then raised her voice, “Let me tell you something, Maria, it doesn’t take too long to know people in here. You have no right to say that.

“Look at how she was stretching her hand at me. What’s that for? It does not take too long to know people. It doesn’t take even a day.”

As she talked, Maria answered back and insisted that Queen should respect her if she wants them to have a conversation.

As they both exchanged words, Pere and the rest of the housemates tried to calm them down.

This argument comes shortly after Queen declared that Pere is the kind of guy she likes.

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