2023: Nigeria’s next president must concentrate to restructuring - Tambuwal.

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The Governor of Sokoto State and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential aspirant, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal on Friday said the subsequent president of the country must pay attention to the yearnings of Nigerians on restructuring, devolution of power and monetary federalism.

Tambuwal who stated this in Asaba while addressing , said that without addressing the difficulty of restructuring and other constitutional amendments the country cannot move forward.

According to him, i think that the next President of Nigeria should pay attention to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians for restructuring.

“It’s time we sat down and engaged on how best we can achieve efficient management and governance of the country, in order that Nigeria can work for all of us.

“I also believe devolution of powers and also giving more resources to States and local governments.

“I believe that for us to arrest the degenerating issue of insecurity during this country, we must revisit the difficulty of state police and strengthening the security architecture of communities and the state level to ensure lasting peace in the country,” he said.

The former House of Representatives Speaker said he understood all the issues bedeviling the Nigerian nation, assuring he would partner with stakeholders to resolve and find solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

“We must have a President of Nigeria which will speak to Nigerians, which will engage and discuss and find solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

“So I assure you by the grace of God once we get the mandate of our party, and that we eventually win the elections, its visiting be a partnership between the federating units and the Federal Government at the centre.

“All of those we can achieve if we have a President who understands the constitution and have friends across the country to deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians.

“I am the youngest among the aspirants within the PDP and I appeal to our leaders and delegates to consider me to change the narrative for our dear country,” Tambuwal stated.

He thanked leaders and stakeholders of the state PDP for his or her support for Governor Okowa culminating in his massive achievements in empowerment and job creation, health care delivery , education, infrastructural transformation of Delta like never before.

He described Okowa as a pacesetter and a leading voice of wisdom for the party and country.

“By sustaining peace and peaceful co-existence within the state, Delta has remained one among the most peaceful states in the country

“We know the Delta of the past and therefore the Delta of today that he presides over so we must thank him immensely for his dogged and astute leadership.

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In a few week from today we will be going to Abuja for our party’s National Convention to nominate the standard bearer of our party to square up with whoever the APC will present.

“As delegates we must be very aware of the candidate we will chose because our action will have direct consequence on the lives of those alive and those yet unborn.
“Its a really sacred responsibility which we must emphasis with every sense of patriotism, commitment and sincerity.

“I thank leaders like Governor Okowa for resolving the difficulty of rotation in our party the way it was resolved.

“Agreed the constitution of our party recognises rotation, but once more force majeure has made it compelling for the PDP to adopt the doctrine of necessity.

“In this case, the PDP said all Presidential aspirants regardless of where they are from can go to the field and canvass for votes and whoever wins will now be the flag bearer of our party.

“There may be a lot of wisdom in what has been done and that’s why you can see that our party has been stable.

“The main objective for PDP is to win the election, how can we win the election and who is which will didate that can deliver victory to our party,”

He said party leaders and delegates must be careful for indices such as electability of the candidate and how the candidate can be appreciated, valued and trusted by all the tendencies like, regional, religious, tribal and age.

He added that the president Nigeria needs now must be competent with capacity, character and therefore the right temperament to govern the country because “If you are erratic it will be difficult for you to manage the Nigeria of today.” he added.

On his part, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa said Tambuwal was a real friend of Delta and lauded him for his outstanding accomplishments in his state’s health and education sector.

“We have had time to concentrate to you and we know about your success story as the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and that we know also of your achievements in Sokoto State.

“A lot of individuals may not have the details but I have had the privilege of visiting to inaugurate a health project and I also took the opportunity to go round and I have seen your strides both in the health and education sectors.

“As a pacesetter in Nigeria and the Chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum, i do know that you have played your role and I believe you have all the experiences needed to govern this nation.

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“We are at a critical time within the history of our nation and it requires a lot of efforts on the part of all leaders and all members of the PDP to be able to deliver this country from where we stand today.

“I believe that our party as we approach the National Convention on the 28th of this month, would need to do a lot to pull the people together and we must understand that the interest of Nigeria and the party must take the center stage.

“And if we glance at it in that manner, we might be able to do an analysis and resolve what would be best for us before going into the general elections and i am very certain that we would be able to take the right decisions at that point in time,” Okowa said.

He said Nigerians were uninterested in the inept leadership offered by the APC at the federal and urged all stakeholders to work together to rescue Nigerians from the APC maladministration.

“There is not any doubt that we cannot continue to allow the current APC government to govern the nation because Nigerians are definitely not satisfied with what has happened.

“A lot of things have gone wrong, we’ve loads of challenges as a nation and collectively, as a celebration, we must get up to protect our country and the of our people.

“It is our hope and prayer that we might be able to resolve rightly at the convention.

For us as nation, the delegates from Delta, we might discuss amongst ourselves and at the appropriate time, we might take decisions and our decisions would be based on what is best for our party and what is best for Nigeria.

“There are some issues you’ve got spoken about which I know have touched the hearts of our people, particularly, the difficulty of restructuring and devolution of powers.

“It are some things that our people generally believe in and it cannot be put behind us as it is very necessary to revisit it.

“We believe the unity of this nation but as we unite ourselves as a nation, we should always be able to speak the truth to ourselves and sit on the table in such a way that everybody will be carried along in the management of the affairs of this nation.

“We want to welcome you because you’re a friend and brother of this state, so it’s my prayer that when we sit to discuss, we might remember those qualities that you already have,” Okowa added

State Deputy Chairman of PDP, Val Areyenka thanked the Sokoto State Governor for the visit assuring that party leaders would meet on the way forward.

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